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Onescan is great new way to use your mobile phone to make all kinds of payments – including donations to Limbcare. It is a highly secure payment method that is really easy to use, but applies bank-grade encryption to your payments to keep them safe and protect against fraud.

Limbcare is one of the first places to adopt Onescan – we are trailblazers! But pretty soon you will be seeing the special Onescan codes popping up in all sorts of places where you will be able to make simple, fast and secure payments from your mobile phone.

You need a smartphone to use Onescan – either an Apple iPhone or one of the modern so-called Android phones from companies like Samsung, HTC, Google, and Sony. That’s because the first thing you have to do is download the Onescan App from the App store or Google Play.

Once you have downloaded Onescan, you simply complete the registration forms within the app. This gives you the chance to enter your name, address, email contact, and bank information.

You can enter debit cards, credit cards, even your Paypal account if you have one. All the information is stored and encrypted and only you – and your phone – can access the information. You can choose your own PIN number to make sure nobody else can open the Onescan app on your phone.

You only have to do all this once. Thereafter, everytime you use Onescan you simply confirm which of your payment methods you want to use. The secure transaction engine running the service does everything else.

So that’s it. Download Onescan, follow the onscreen instructions to enter your details, and then to make a payment or a donation you simply use Onescan to scan one of the special padlock codes, confirm the amount, and everything else happens automatically.