Limbcare has found that often redundant or unusable limbs are scrapped into landfill sites. We have arranged pick up facilities throughout the UK to bring these to our Recycling Centre in Camberley.

They cannot be reused in the UK for health and safety reasons but some parts can be sent overseas for reuse, some specialised parts can be resold while others can be broken up for scrap metal to be recycled thereby creating money to be ploughed back into mentoring trainee prosthetists and technicians as this is not being maintained by the NHS.

Limbcare recycling is experiencing a major increase in calls and emails from all over the UK, an average of 5 calls and 2 emails per day offering donations of crutches, wheelchairs and mobility scooters. This proves that all these items are not taken back by the NHS and, if Limbcare was not providing this service, all items would be scrapped.

If you have any prosthetic limbs, orthotic parts, mobility aids including crutches. frames and wheelchairs which are not required please let us know 0800 052 1174.


The Tanzania project was a first for Limbcare and was very successful the aim was to assist and supply a wide range of mobility equipment to an orphanage in Dar es salaam to help and elevate the suffering of disabled children.

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