Welfare Rights

Welfare Rights

A high quality welfare rights service enables amputees and their families to access their full entitlement, ease the financial burden and enable them to move forward with rehabilitation.

Limbcare and 4Your Benefits Ltd and formed a partnership to provide a free, independent service for amputees and their families.

We can provide the following:
• Identify all the benefits you and your family are entitle to claim.
• Assist with form filling.
• Applying for Mandatory Reconsiderations if you are refused.
• Appealing on your behalf.
• Entering a submission on your behalf to an Appeals Tribunal
• Assisting in dealing with debts, negotiating on your behalf.

4 Your benefits Ltd provide advisers/caseworkers have years of experience in Welfare Rights, we do not just tell you what to claim, but assist and represent . We will be there from the start to the finish.

4 Your Benefits Ltd. are the appointed welfare rights ambassador for Limbcare.
Email- benefits@@limbcare.org
Website; www.4Yourbenefit.co.uk
Tel: 07401 558 602