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Our Aim is to establish and operate a countrywide facility for amputees and their families to have access to psychological and physical help needed post limb loss.


1. To offer research assistance, where possible, to assist developments relating to prosthetics, orthotics and any other research which will create a better life for all limb impaired people and to establish and promote best practice for this.
2. To be a centre of excellence.


3. To create independence through counselling, help, support, fitness, sport, dance and music.
4. To offer education and emotional support for all limb impaired persons in the UK and Internationally. "Limb impaired individuals" means "amputees or any limb deficient person through birth, illness, accident and including any chair dependant person."
5. To bring awareness and understanding by giving presentations, organising events and educating professionals through lectures and seminars.
6. To offer help and support and offer a service by phone or visits to clients, families, carers and professionals.
7. To offer a counselling service to professionals and specialists by offering a service of a dedicated counsellor who specialises in issues relating to people who face amputations.
8. To offer encouragement and assistance for fitness, sport, dance and music activities to encourage and assist the limb impaired to get back into sports etc so as to keep fit, to maintain a healthy life style and to offer music therapy to create a harmonious and stress free environment.
9. To educate people generally in the understanding and awareness of those who are disabled. In this modern world we live in, anything could happen and we should all be aware of this. Our program aims to give talks to schools and universities and to all other learning bodies and facilities.
10. To organise challenges, conferences, lectures, sporting events and competitions including fundraising events. We are confident that events like these will bring the limb impaired community together and raise awareness of their issues and bring a measure of satisfaction to the limb impaired and their families and helpers through success and achievement.
11. To offer assistance internationally in tackling these aims.


1. To create a Supporters Club by bringing individuals and groups together under the names of Limbcare UK and Limbcare International.
2. To create and maintain a dedicated website offering a wealth of information to everyone, including the limb impaired , their families, friends, carers, employers and medical professionals.
3. To create a database of persons, bodies, institutions, government and other agencies and departments, charities and businesses as well as volunteers and supporters to assist the aims of disseminating information to the limb impaired and to assist in carrying out the aims of this mission statement.
4. To form close links with industry and prosthetic and orthotic companies and all associated associations and bodies and government and local authority departments to assist in the aims of this strategic plan.
5. To work closely with other national and international support networks and other charities and to offer help if possible when major disasters occur and to help in education and training programmes as considered necessary.
6. To create opportunities for funding for the company via individuals, sponsorships, fundraising events, legacies, and by services rendered for sports coaching, training, gym facilities, dance, music, lectures and speaking seminars and lectures.

Crowd Funding


A high quality welfare rights service enables amputees and their families to access their full entitlement, ease the financial burden and enable them to move forward with rehabilitation.
Limbcare and 4Your Benefits Ltd and formed a partnership to provide a free, independent service for amputees and their families.

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We are very proud to announce that limbcare can now offer free life-coaching sessions with our qualified coach James Cook who will work with you to build mindset to move forward. ' Healing does not mean it never happened ' 'It means the damage no longer controls our lives '

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We understand that you may have questions about the financial benefits and allowances available to those living with an amputation. However, the answer to most of those questions will be complex and case specific. In this section, we have tried to summarise the most commonly sought after benefits and, where possible, have directed you to organisations who can provide even more detailed information.

Many limb impaired people may also have questions about the possibility of claiming compensation as a result of injuries they have sustained. Using the left hand panel you can find information about our expert Legal Experts and advice on how to make a claim for compensation, as well as reading case studies about those who have already made a claim. Our Legal Experts currently Judkins Solicitors.

Should you require any further support please do not hesitate to contact us.


My name is Chris Bantin and I'm a volunteer supporter for Limbcare. I am a qualified Fitness Instructor & Personal Trainer. During our monthly team meetings, it has come to my attention that a lot of enquires have been coming into the office, requesting fitness sessions for amputees and the limb-impaired. I am now pleased to announce that I am heading up Limbcare Fitness.

Our session will start on Monday 5th June 2017 and every Monday thereafter. They will be held in the main hall, the address of which is: 1 Stilwell Close, Yateley, Hants, GU46 6XH. The session will be from 6.30 - 7.30 pm, cost £5 per person. Please feel free to bring people with you. I look forward to hearing from you soon. Chris Bantin - 07712 777499


Based in Berkshire, the award-winning SportsAble specialises in disability sport, offering a mix of weekly fun sports and serious training sessions for national, international and Paralympic competitions.

Passionate about accessibility, each sport has its own adapted equipment such as: a fully equipped indoor archery and air weapons shooting range (with technology to assist visually impaired shooters); wheelchair accessible table tennis tables; wheelchair accessible golf buggies; ball and stone ramps for boccia and kurling, plus many adapted pieces of kit for field athletics.

For just £50 a year members can take part in over 12 different sports and activities including archery, boccia, canoe and kayaking, new age kurling, golf, table tennis, ten pin bowling, pool, wheelchair basketball, swimming and more.

The award-winning SportsAble has a membership of 450+ and is made up of athletes and their families, volunteers, coaches and supporters.

Members have represented Great Britain and Paralympic squads 49 times over the last 42 years. Many medalled Paralympians (such as expert archer Kathy Critchlow-Smith) still train and coach at the centre on a regular basis.



Mind & BodyworX was created to help you feel good in yourself, whatever your goals. It aims to reduce pain, restore balance, improve strength, flexibility and range of movement. To help you understand your body, the way it works and how it heals.

Our fitness & wellbeing programme will help you maintain good muscular health, can detect areas of weakness and catch minor imbalances before they become injuries.

As an added bonus regular treatment will also calm the nerves, lower blood pressure, increase circulation, reduce stress and promote a good night’s sleep.

Duration of treatments and frequency will vary dependent on lifestyle, but most people benefit hugely from 60 or 90 minute sessions every 4 – 6 weeks. Treatment comprises full body massage combining traditional massage techniques with physical assessment, neuromuscular techniques, soft tissue release and connective tissue massage where required.