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Ray Edwards, MBE, Chairman of Limbcare, became a quad amputee in 1987. As part of the transition back into the real world, the realisation of everything being turned upside down physically and emotionally was too much to bear. It was during this emotional journey that Ray saw the vision of Limbcare and an important part of his vision was to aid and support fellow human beings in the building of purpose - built facilities, these being called “The Well-Being Centres”. A number of these purpose - built facilities are planned to be built in the UK. This is one of the many large exciting projects that are planned to further this vision to provide vital support to fellow human beings:


The Model built by Len Amos, Limbcare project manager, shows in detail what our vision may look like. Our grateful thanks goes to Len for his brilliant work. The design of the “Well-Being Centres” is shaped as a wheel with spokes and a hub. This is the main Limbcare goal - to become the voice of the Amputee community and to create a hub of information and support for amputees, their families, their friends and their carers. A secondary goal is to support and work with professionals, charities, companies and other bodies that are all connected with Limb-Loss. For all amputees, we aim to create and deliver greater independence, a better quality of life and to offer Empathy not just Sympathy.

Limbcare Well - Being Centre is an exclusive facility which has been designed to look and feel like a high quality health club/spa and includes facilities where clients can access a range of information and services. Our vision is as follows:


• Ample parking
• Covered Entrance Walk
• Main Centre Hub with water feature


• Reception with information display area
• Consulting rooms - for visiting or in house meetings with Prosthetists, Counsellors, Recruitment and training consultants, Family liaison officers ,Legal specialists and Experts on property adaptations and modifications
• Fully equipped Gym with accessible machines
• Fully accessible Hydrotherapy pool and changing rooms
• Hall for all accessible indoor sports and functions
• Restaurant and Bar and Catering area
• Training workshop for re-employment and Prosthetic section for repairs
• Recycling workshop and store for limbs and other prosthetic and orthotic items
• Comprehensive information room and library
• Accommodation blocks – to house amputees and families/carers who are not ready to go home
• Accommodation block – half way apartments for amputees if existing property not suitable after amputation; Housing Association or local authorities may wish to use a percentage of this block to ease housing problems
• General storage area


• Limbcare offices
• Conference Room
• Accommodation Blocks as above but for able bodied persons where possible
• Showrooms for Companies who specialise in: accessible kitchens, bathrooms, environmental systems, lifts etc


• Inter connecting themed gardens to assist mobility eg different surfaces and heights/ accessible raised flower beds
• Accessible family and children’s garden and play area
• Reflection area for peace and tranquillity and prayer
• General seating areas
• Outside sports area.

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See The Plan

Click the link below to see the draft plan design, we have for this truely amazing centre for all amputees.

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