Tanzania Project

Tanzania Project

When we moved to Tanzania in the late 90's, I have been heavily involved with charity organizations. My main aim is to keep helping orphanages, as I am passionate about giving children a brighter future. However, I have also been helping at the Cancer Research Hospital in the city when time permits distributing food and medication and I work with the physically challenged and the underprivileged communities in and around Dar es Salaam and its suburbs.

Whilst focusing on providing various orphanages with food, school bags, uniforms/shoes, etc. I've also supplied walking aids to the disabled, in the form of aluminum adjustable walking sticks and zimmer frames, all donated from the UK and airlifted into the country by our family for further distribution to the needy here in Tanzania. Our family has now set up an NGO registered as the Mohamed Punjani Foundation (The MPF). Currently, we are helping to build an orphanage for 65 children to relocate them from a poorly accommodated 4 bed-roomed house to a purpose built 16 bed-roomed, selfsustaining facility in Chanika, on the outskirts of Dar es Salaam.

The African Reflections Foundation (ARF) has also played a big part, by not only donating a state of the art Solar Powered Deep Water Well System to encourage the orphanage's self-sustainability. We have also embarked on helping children in need of corrective surgeries to enable them lead more normal and productive lives which they so desperately need. We are working closely with the IZAAS Foundation in Bukoba, on the West Lake region of Tanzania, who specialize in helping organize vast and varied procedures such as corrective operations for cases of goiters, hydrocephalus, bow legs, etc. We are also supporting the school for the disabled and Albino children where the children live under miserable conditions... 30-40 per room! Our aim is to help collect suitable clothing, protective eyewear and sunscreen hats to start with and embark on a more ambitious project of rehabilitating their living environment through personal involvement with the authorities who administer these facilities.

In the future we would like to help the elderly in Tanzania, as I have noticed there is drastically insufficient housing and care facilities to cater for them and other destitute people. My dream is to alleviate poverty and suffering wherever I can and with the help of our foundation, the MPF , we will use our resources to the best of our ability to achieve just that! "Our aim is to undertake these charitable activities as much as we can through use of our own resources and to channel all the funds we receive through donations without deducting ANY amount for administration costs – we pay for these costs ourselves, ensuring funds received go DIRECTLY towards their intended cause without any deductions whatsoever." ……………………………...…....…....…..….....….…..…....…..…..............

- Nafisah Punjani Dec 2015