Mission Statement

Mission Statement

Creating independence through, counseling, help, support, fitness, sport, dance and music. Offering education for all limb impaired individuals in the UK and Internationally.Limb impaired individuals means 'amputees or any limb deficient person through birth, illness, accident and wheel chair dependant'.


To bring awareness and understanding by giving presentations, organising events and educating professionals through lectures and seminars.

Help and Support

Offering a service by phone or visiting client, families, careers or professionals.

Professional and Specialist Counseling Service

A service offering a dedicated counselor who specialises in issues relating to people who face amputations.

Fitness, Sport, Dance and Music

Encouraging and assisting the limb impaired to get back into sports, keeping fit to maintain a healthy life style and offering music therapy to create a harmonious and stress free world.


Educate people in the understanding and awareness of those who are disabled. In this modern life we live anything could happen and we should all be aware of this. Our program aims to give talks to schools, universities and all other learning facilities.

Events and Fundraising

Organise challenges, conferences, lectures, sporting events and competitions including fundraising events. We are confident that events like these will bring the limb impaired community together.

Research and Development

Offer assistance where possible to assist developments relating to prosthetics, orthotics and any other research which will create a better life for all limb impaired people. Establish and promote best practices for this.

Supporters Club

Bringing individuals and groups together under Limbcare UK and Limbcare International.


Create and maintain a dedicated website offering a wealth of information to everyone, including the limb impaired, their families, friends, employers and medical professionals.


Forming close links with prosthetic and orthotic companies and all associations.

National and International Support Networks

Working closely with other charities and offering help if possible when major disasters occur. Helping in education and training programs.


The company will be funded by individuals, sponsors, fundraising events, legacies and services rendered for – sports coaching, training, gym, dance, music, lectures and speaking.

Social Media

A wealth of shared information to everyone, including the limb impaired, their families, friends, employers and medical professionals.

Looking to the Future

The 'LIMBCARE CENTRE' this will be a unique opportunity to help individuals, their families and cares, come together under one roof to get help and support from counseling, health and fitness, access and property adaptations to suit individual needs, a chill out area and fully equipped gym. Basically come in feeling low go out feeling great! We offer empathy not sympathy. If this becomes a success in the UK then hopefully we can look at international sites.