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Good Afternoon Ray
My husband and I have recently been in correspondence with Michael McCann due to my husband’s (Kevin) PIP assessment being rejected. We have recently gone through a Mandatory Reconsideration and thankfully the decision was reversed last week.
Michael asked if we would complete a questionnaire as you are all very keen to expand the services that you can offer. As we didn’t use your service fully it’s a little difficult for me to answer all the questions, So instead I thought I would write to you with my opinions (hope this is ok). After my husbands rejection letter in December, I trawled the internet looking for organisations/services that could offer support and advise on what our next move should be only to be told that because we live in the county and not the city there was no help available to us. Then, through your website, I managed to make contact with Michael and what a relief it was that there was somebody who wanted to listen to us. Right from the start Michael’s help and advice was excellent. He didn’t “sugar coat” anything. He made us fully aware of timescales and costs so we knew what we were up against. All advice given was easy to understand. If the MR had failed then our next step was to go to an appeal tribunal. Again Michael offered his service - ie paperwork and representation. Going through something like this is very stressful and draining for me. I have dealt with all the paperwork plus trying to keep Kev’s spirit up and it has been a truly stressful time, but at the back of my mind I knew there was support there for us and we were not on our own with this one.
We certainly agree that there is an increased need for this service. To be honest, right from when Kev had his amputation we were never really given any help or support, we only came across PIP because somebody happened to mention that Kev may be eligible for this payment. I have seen first hand what an amputation can do to somebody, Kev must have gone through every emotion possible, lack of self worth, frustration, anger, depression, and more. He has certainly gone through a lot of adjustments and we still have a long way to go, but knowing now that there is an organisation like Limbcare certainly brings some comfort. And after what we have gone through these last 2/3 months there has certainly got to be more help made available to people going through these situations and we would highly recommend your services. Both Kevin and myself wish you and all at Limbcare a very successful future.
Kind regards Lisa
Lisa Longland

I was reassessed for my PIP in 2018 and as a result, lost all of my entitlement. This was a stressful ordeal to go through as it meant the loss of my Motability car. I reached out to Limbcare for help who provide advice and support for anyone who needs it. Michael, who is the Limbcare Benefits Advisor, was on hand to help me through each stage of appealing the decision. He advised how the forms should be filled in and also answered any questions that popped up throughout the process. It didn’t quite reach Tribunal stage, but he was ready to support that process had it been needed. He was reassuring and knowledgeable and helped to fight my cause until they rethought their decision and reached a positive outcome. Many thanks Michael!
Debbie , 2019

On 19 Jan 2019, Hello Michael. I have great news. I finally got the letter and they are leaving my benefits the same! It's all because of you. I am so grateful for helping me. I've been so anxious it feels like you saved my life and I really mean that. I can't thank you enough.