Limbcare Youth


Have you heard the news?

The Prickles have landed at Limbcare Youth – and they’re ready for some brand new adventures!

Come and meet our hedgehog heroes…

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Mamma Prickle Ellie x


Sage is the wise one.

She makes sure the Prickles are in the right place at the right time!

She works out how things can get done.


Webster is the techie one.

He knows EVERYTHING about computers!

He uses technology to solve problems for everyone.


Speedy is the fast one.

He has an artificial leg, which was given to him after an illness he had a long time ago.

But he is always bouncing around – using his speed and strength to get things done quicker than anyone else can!

He is the fun-loving leader of the Prickle Power team.


Gabby is the problem-solving one.

She was born without legs, and that’s why she’s in a wheelchair.

Gabby is the voice of the Prickles, and loves to help people by talking them through their troubles.

She is everyone’s favourite chatterbox!


Ernest is the creative one.

He hurt himself in an accident and that’s why he has an artificial arm – but it’s specially made to help him create!

He uses his imagination to invent brand new designs – making everything look amazing.

He is a brilliant artist, and can design anything for anyone.