Unfortunately, due to the COVID 19 pandemic and its negative effect on our fundraising, the Limbcare Trustees have had to reorganise our recycling service. We are sadly no longer able to accept items such as crutches and manual wheelchairs.

However, we can still make good use of mobility scooters and powered wheelchairs should you have any you might wish to donate. These items would need to be in good condition (with no body work damage), have keys and good batteries.

We shall be able to collect these items, if necessary, within a 50 mile radius of Camberley, Surrey, although the collection point needs to be outside the area of the London Congestion Zone.

If you are considering a donation of these items, please contact us:
Email:, or
Mobile: 07739 588031

Ray Edwards MBE, Chairman


The Tanzania project was a first for Limbcare and was very successful the aim was to assist and supply a wide range of mobility equipment to an orphanage in Dar es salaam to help and elevate the suffering of disabled children.

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