Limbcare Volunteers

Limbcare Volunteers

Our volunteers are crucial to our ongoing campaign to create awareness and understanding of the life-changing reality of living as an amputee or limb impaired.

We always need volunteers to help with fundraising and collections, offering hope and empathy to new amputees and the limb impaired.

So if you feel you can spare a few hours a week helping us to help others, please feel free to send us your details by filling in the online application form by clicking Here


Limbcare volunteer/supporter

Chris Bantin

I am a wheelchair user. This has not stopped me achieving anything that I put my mind to. I say "where there's a way then I'll find it."

I am a fitness instructor / personal trainer; my passion is getting people fit, especially those with special needs or who find going to the gym hard, for some reason or another. I am a Paralympian and went to the Seoul Paralympics in 1988. I was a power lifter and I have always been into sports in various forms. I go to the gym regularly and I also attend a kick boxing class once a week, which I really enjoy.